Walk In Clinics

Are paper forms a burden for your walk in patients to fill out?

We know. This has been a constant problem since the beginning of time. Okay, maybe not since the beginning of time, but definitely for as long as walk in clinics have been around.

Obviously, a smoother onboarding process makes you and your patients lives easier. Just think about the annoyance a patient feels when they have to fill out many pages of dull information by hand. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could just receive a text with all of those forms and fill them out right from their phone?

Luckily, Formrly is here to help. We give you the tools to save your patients time and keep your staff from getting frustrated. Because of all the walk in traffic at your clinic, you can use Formrly’s paperless dashboard to save you and your patient’s time. Simply shoot them a text and have them sign the relevant paperwork.

You will also be able to hand them iPads or tablets so the process is smoother. Here is the cherry 🍒 on top, say goodbye to scanning since your patient’s can also upload an ID card onto our platform!

So give yourself a break and ditch paper. Shoot your patients a text and get those bad ol’ forms nobody wants to deal with out of the way.

That way you can focus on what really matters—serving your patient’s needs.

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Less paper + Less Headaches = A happier team