Do paper forms slow down your business productivity?


Forms, forms forms! You know what definitely doesn’t sound like a frictionless process? Making your clients fill out mounds of paperwork…


And, yes, we know what you’re thinking: “they don’t seem to be complaining”.


Well, consider this.


If you drove the same traffic filled commute for twenty years, you’d be pretty d%#! happy if Elon Musk’s new Hyperloop took you to work in five minutes. Wouldn’t you?


The same goes for paper forms and contracts. We’re changing the game.


With Formrly, building each contract from your desktop and having to constantly create new fields is over! We digitize all of your contracts and send them straight to your phone.


To do this, you log into your form panel and edit each required line with your clients information. Then you send them the form link by text message straight to their phone so they can fill out their part.


That’s it.


We make life easier for you and your clients. And by doing that, your contracts get completed faster and nobody has to deal with the headache of email.


In this sleek new world of rapid improvements, it’s time to evolve. Be the firm your clients love. Make them happy. Ditch the forms and shoot them a text instead.

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Less paper + Less Headaches = A happier team