Global positive impact and business benefits estimate of going paperless.

Paperless technologies are revolutionizing the modern global scenario. The global impact going paperless is humungous, as more than 50% of virgin forests are being cut down to meet the requirements of paper used in offices.

Paperless technologies have a huge impact on the atmosphere and the environment around us. Converting your paper-based documentation system to digital system and eliminating paper from your workplace pays a lot globally, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and reduction of pollution.

Cost-effectiveness of going paperless.

A regular file cabinet of a small scale office holds around 20,000 pages. It is astounding indeed that this little cabinet costs you almost $25,000 to fill up and requires an annual maintenance of $2,000.

Now combined with printing, photocopying and transportation costs, paper costs you and the whole world a lot of capital. Not to mention, a greater workforce is needed for handling all that paper-based documentation which means, you have to pay more people to perform unnecessary tasks that can otherwise be avoided by going paperless.

A whole lot of transportation costs can be cut down if paper is eliminated from offices. Fuel will also be saved and it also has a direct impact on the environment as the burning of fuel is responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases.

Environmental global benefits.

Paper Industry is the second largest consumer of energy in the United States and a number of other countries. That has to say a lot about the ecological effects of going paperless.

On an average, a single tree is known to produce 17 reams of paper. And that tree takes 100 years to grow to its fullest. By reducing the use of paper companies can play their role in saving so many trees every year and can help reduce their carbon footprint. The rainforests are being depleted at an alarming rate of an average 4,200 acres per hour. These forests are an asset to our planet as they help to attract rain, keep fertile soil and produce tons of oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide – the gas primarily responsible for global warming.

Going paperless can also help to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions. On average a single tree absorbs around a ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. Also, during the production of paper, more than 110 pounds of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. With serious adverse effects of Global warming and the recent bouts of Climate change, this is a real problem.These trees also produce Oxygen, that is vital to life. A single tree can produce oxygen sufficient for two human beings. Every tree that is cut off means two human beings are being deprived of their share of oxygen.

Where to start your paperless journey.

Paperless technology is our own little gesture of ensuring a healthy and sustainable atmosphere for the next generations to come. The countless benefits of switching to the paperless document management system will only be more clear once you experience digital forms in your own work setting. If you want to say “I do” to paperless technology, has you covered. Have a go at a paperless workplace, sign up today to avail the FREE trial for 30-days.


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