Eco-friendly, safe and efficient – mobile paperless forms for your business.

A paperless management system is eco-friendly, safe and efficient solution for your business. With the emission of Carbon dioxide increasing at an alarming rate, global warming and climate change are the looming like monsters over our planet. It is high time that the world begins to understand the value of going green.

We all can play our roles and contribute towards a greener and cleaner future by taking the right steps. Going paperless and digitizing your management system is a good deed that pays you back generously. It is a well-established fact that paperless documentation system boosts productivity, enhances your customer service, automates your manual processes, streamlines your workflow, gives you easy access to your documents anywhere, anytime and that too with high-grade and unbreakable security.  The huge number of trees that you can save from being cut down by going paperless- you will be making the air around us cleaner and better with every passing second and that is an incredible thing to do.

You will be contributing towards a better ecosystem by adopting the eco-friendly paperless management system. Curious to know how? Scroll down and let it sink in.

1. Save trees – save oxygen for two human beings.

Trees are being cut down at a tremendous speed to meet the daily paper requirements of offices and schools. In the last few decades, paper usage has increased by almost 400%. By keeping a more eco-friendly approach in your work setting, you can play a vital role in saving the environment. A single tree can absorb one ton of Carbon Dioxide during its lifetime. And that same tree is responsible for producing Oxygen sufficient for two full grown human beings. These trees, which are cut down in a matter of seconds, take a hundred years to grow. By reducing paper in your office and making your workplace more eco-friendly, you can contribute a lot to the human race.

2. Tone down pollution.

To make a single ream of paper, 120 pounds of Carbon dioxide is emitted. Tonnes and tonnes of this greenhouse gas is being emitted on daily basis to produce paper. With our planet rapidly heating up, we need to reduce this alarming figure and cut down pollution as much as possible.

3. Cut down water consumption.

A single sheet of paper drinks up 2 standard cups of water during its manufacture. With the steady depletion of usable water, we can help conserve water resources by going paperless.

4. Cut down consumption of chemicals.

A whole lot of bleaching agents and harmful chemicals go into the manufacture of paper. These chemicals are then disposed off either into water bodies or soil – both of which is harmful.

Also, the countless paper documents that are transported every day around the world is burning so much fuel. Not only is it a wastage of energy resources and fuel, it is also contributing towards emission of greenhouse gases responsible for Global Warming. All this can be traded with a single click – how you ask? Sign up to right now, digitize your documents and voila! You have played your part towards a greener, better future.


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