Do your customers still print and attach photos to your paper forms?

Are you still buried neck deep in heavy and lengthy documents of customers’ data? If your customers still print and attach photos to your paper forms, then you are only increasing your workload and burdening your company. Mobile forms are modified to contain photos of clients and honestly, it is the best thing ever!

Don’t wait! – Swich to mobile forms!

Travel agents, hospitals and other companies that deal with client’s photos and databases are usually heavily overburdened with all the paperwork. It can take ages to find the relevant documents that are buried deep in the storage rooms of a certain client. Well, all that can go away with a single click, switch to mobile forms! Mobile forms with help you unlock a whole new digital world where you and your workforce can inculcate many features. Adding your client’s photo to the mobile forms can do wonders for you. A single glance at the picture can help you recall all the details, you will be able to retrieve so much information in just a glance. It will also make your customers feel more cherished and valued, they will be able to connect to you on a deeper and more personal level and it will help you gain their trust. A client’s trust is the most important thing, it’s the life of your business. There are hundreds of forms that can be improved by adding pictures of your customers to them and if you can access them in a flash of a second, then you are in digital heaven of efficiency!

Speedup and streamline your workflow.

Data collection through mobile forms has revolutionized businesses. Your day-to-day chores speed up, you can connect with your clients on a deeper, more personal level and raise the bar of productivity for your company on daily basis.

Now, mobile forms are not just limited to recording text or sending information in the text to your clients, has modified your mobile forms to contain the whole story via your clients’ photos. helps you to exploit the power of your digital devices to the fullest- include images of your users, employees, and customers in mobile forms for an enhanced customer experience and efficient work pattern.

Secure data management is a must.

All your databases remain completely secure though. There will never be a compromise on the security of the personal data of your clients with With its military-grade security, ensures that your databases are in safe hands.

Experience the efficiency of photos integrated with mobile forms though from your mobile device. You can switch your paper forms to digital mobile forms in just three easy steps. All you have to is to sign up to, upload the relevant information and our team will be back to you with your complete and updated mobile forms within 48 hours! Yes, digitizing your paper forms is really that easy! Sign up today to avail your FREE trial for 30-days with and have us work for you!.

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