Can paperless processing and paperless mobile forms be safe?

Paperless technologies and paperless processing are safe and convenient and it is the most secure way to dispatch personal data.

Let’s cook up a scenario – it basically happens every other day in an office – you want to send some paper forms from point A to say, point B.

How it works with paper forms

Now, these forms have highly confidential, personal data. Well, here’s a list of things that can go wrong with your paper forms. You can spill coffee or tea or even water over it and ruin the whole document, the address on the document may have errors and it will get dispatched to a wrong address, the rain can ruin it, or even a cigar/cigarette burn can put your whole company at risk. On its way to the original recipient, some unwanted party can intercept it and use the information in an adverse way. Or worse, the recipient can tamper with the document, it can get lost in a million of ways without your knowledge. It’s like fumbling around in the dark, you never know when you are going to trip!

How digital forms make the difference

Paperless technologies are quickly taking over the world, mainly because of their guaranteed safety, high-grade security, high efficiency and environment-friendliness. Apps like provide you with military-grade security and HIPAA and PCI compliance to make sure your data processing is safe and secure.

Paperless processing is safer than paper forms and paper-based documentation system because not only is it guarded physically, you can always watch over your digital forms and documents, correct the errors and limit the accessibility of unwanted parties to it. Unlike digital documents and mobile forms, paper forms are vulnerable, they can get stolen or lost or get in the wrong hands, the list is long!

Secure systems – is a MUST!

In the recent decades, there has been a number of security breaches, and today we need a secure system more than we ever did. With strict fines and legal actions being taken against the parties who fail to meet the criterion of HIPAA compliance, it’s only wise to switch to a system that helps you ensure that your customers’ and your employees’ personal data is safely dispatched.

HIPPA and PCI compliance

With you not only get military-grade security but also, HIPAA and PCI compliance. That means that your documents and digital forms are safe and secure, No third party can exploit the personal information of your clients or your employees without your knowledge.

With PCI compliance all your credit card transactions are secure as well. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is mandatory for every small or large company that accepts credit card payments, store or process the data related to it and transmits the cardholder data. You need to host the data securely to avoid any mishaps that might ruin your reputation or worse, cost you your company.

Make your mobile forms safe

To make your mobile forms safe to dispatch your personal data, you have to choose a trustworthy app that can assure you military-grade security along with HIPAA and PCI compliance. has you covered in those areas, sign up and get your 30-day free trial today!


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