8 advantages of a paperless office in 2018 – The savings guide

It’s difficult to dispute the advantages of a paperless office. The job that everyone hates in an office is filing. Even worse, some companies even hire interns to do the filing for them. The paper documents just keep stacking and stacking in the “to be filed bin.” Don’t be that entrepreneur, executive, or business owner that makes your employees or interns hate you.

Come on, it’s 2018. A paperless office stores all your important files securely in the cloud. Retrieving and sending documents online saves you a lot of time. With the help of this, documents can be copied and can be combined with other documents as well. Applications like Google Drive allow multiple users to collaborate on the same document from anywhere in the world. This process of digitizing your documents are part and parcel of a paperless office.

When converting your company into a paperless office, there are companies that can accommodate your reorganization into a paperless office. The most prominent necessity of a paperless office is the usage of a fully paperless system that offers your existing PDF’s and digitizes your paperwork for you – formrly.co is one of them.

The paperless office


The paperless office is a concept that reduces or completely eliminates the use of paper in an office. Becoming a paperless office is very easy in 2018. Every document can be digitized into an electronic format and can be securely stored online through content management platforms.

You can store thousands of files on the cloud through free tiers. There is virtually unlimited storage space which is critical for a paperless office. Furthermore, you can access the cloud from your device from anywhere and pull out documents.

More offices are going paperless by digitizing all their documents. The best thing about making your documents digitized is the ability to make edits to them. Have you tried to edit a physical document without having the original digital copy? I have, and let me tell you something. IT SUCKS. One of the biggest issues facing the conversion into a paperless office is not having the original digital copies of physical documents. Simply scanning these documents will still leave you with a very statically formatted form. Consequently, if there was a means to circumvent this issue, it would greatly appeal the for transforming your enterprise into a paperless office.

Filing cabinets and written records are difficult and tedious to work with as compared to digital documents and forms. With platforms like Drive, Dropbox and other content management apps, the accessibility to data and files is easier than ever. All you need is access to a device that can connect to the internet. Which can be find almost anywhere for a cheap price. With a paperless office, you no longer need to have a large organized physical system for filing your documents. Paperless offices also do not have to deal with the exasperating task of having to look for files, especially when human error files something incorrectly.

The paperless office has replaced bulky and expensive file cabinets. Did you know that one enterprise grade file cabinet costs more than a whole year worth of storage for a document?

10 advantages of a paperless office

There are many advantages to a paperless office. Lowering paper usage at the office can improve employee efficiency and productivity. Changes in paper consumption like an increase in recycling of paper, less printing, digitization of documents with different software can help improve the environment. These are just a few advantages that come to mind. Today, we will discuss the 10 advantages of a paperless office and why your business should transition today.

1. Saving the environment

According to statistics, the annual global paper production has reached about 300 million tons. Reports issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show that the major users of printing and writing papers are schools, educational institutes, and offices.

This alarming figure is contributing towards global warming and increased pollution, as more and more trees are cut every year to meet the needs of offices and businesses. Luckily, there is a solution and technological growth and cooperation will improve the environment.

If you are an office worker, on average you may use about 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year. That doesn’t even include your colleagues. Think about all the proposals and bindings you’ve made that you had to reprint due to one minor mistake or an unsatisfied boss.

More information was revealed that 45% of the paper printed in different offices ended up in trash cans.

Since we all have a duty towards our environment. Global warming and climate change are no new terms for us. With the Earth’s atmosphere rapidly changing, we all need to play our part towards a greener and healthier environment. Save the world by going paperless today.

2. Happier Clients

The average employee uses paper worth 4.48 trees every year. Multiplied by the total number of employees, your office might be contributing to the loss of hundreds of trees every year! Do you think your customers are happy that you are so wasteful?

Imagine your customer is at your desk and you ask them to wait for a couple of minutes so that you can go retrieve the required document because the one you took out was the wrong one. We all know that doesn’t take a few minutes, and the risk of making another mistakes is high.

A streamlined workflow and the ease of availability of information improved internal processes that will leave your clients with a smile. Spend less time on paper, and more time servicing your clients. A paperless management system helps you to be more responsive to your clients. The customer journey is one of the most important aspects of any business, but many businesses fail at it.

Paperless management systems also leave a great impact on your customers. They see that you care about your environment along with the greats services that you provide and they appreciate you even more.

Paper plays a significant role in the customer journey and experience. Think of all the times you go to a new doctors office and had to fill out new documents. Filling out long form paper documents in an office are extremely discouraging and a waste of time to both the client and the business owner.

Mobile forms allow you and your clients to constantly stay in touch. You can send them updates and provide them with all necessary information with greater efficiency which would otherwise be very difficult to attain.

3. Increased Productivity

It is not humanly possible to provide so many services to your clients exclusively in hard form, and if you do it’s extremely labor intensive and expensive. Luckily, we have to assistance from digital technology.

In a paperless office, you can find any document regardless of how old it is in seconds or minutes. In an office, it probably takes you a few minutes just to get you to your file cabinet and unlock it. Then another thirty minutes trying to find a file that was misplaced because of someone’s laziness.

A content management system saves you a whole lot of time and capital, because all information can be stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. If you office is not paperless then wasting time is one of the major disadvantages. A paperless office allows you to access all kinds of information instantaneously, no matter how old it is or how large  your filing system is.

You can monitor and keep check on your employees work through version control. If you don’t have a content management system, you’ll never know when and if an employee actually filed the document or finished editing a document. Furthermore, many paperless systems carry out on-site assessments of their employees. Not only does it eliminate the chance of error but it also helps to boost the morale of your workforce as their good work gets acknowledged as they go on.

Auditing tens of thousand of files manually is a pain in the butt, but auditing thousands of files online takes a lot less time. Your employees will work more efficiently since they don’t have to spend months preparing for an annual audit.

Digitizing your paper forms is the first step to having a paperless office and boosting office productivity.

4. The paperless office saves your business money

Digital files are free and costs almost nothing to store online. Solutions like Google Drive offer free 15 GB of storage which is more than enough to store thousands of files.

There will always be overhead costs of printers, copiers, toners, and paper. There is also maintenance costs associated with printers, and other hardware to process paper. If someone were to make an error binding a proposal or printing, you’ll have to start from scratch again. When everything is digitized, errors can be fixed without a significant loss and there is no need to carry out printing of any kind.

You cut back your printing costs, that means no more paper, printers, photocopiers (and their towering maintenance costs), inks and toners. When you decide to use mobile forms, you save a lot of money because you don’t need to buy a ton of these things, neither do you need to spend any money on maintenance of these machines.

By using mobile forms instead of bulky paperwork that requires manual data entry you actually save a lot of resources again. Data entry follows data collection, which is a waste of time and resources. Also, you have to hire a number of people to do that, mobile forms eliminate all those costs as well, hence more savings for your business.

Employees can easily access all documents which results in more efficient work. More efficient employees and less paper to clutter office space means your business will save a lot more money as well.

Nothing’s going to get your boss’ attention like the cost-effectiveness of the paperless management system. All that capital going into buying paper, extra printers, toners and storage space can go into an innovative idea, higher employee pay, or new initiatives.

Resource Information Systems Inc. (RISI) conducted a study recently and found out that US-based companies spend well over $8 billion per year on paper and related products, like printers, storage spaces, and toners etc. That’s a huge number, don’t you think?

A regular file cabinet of a small scale office holds around 20,000 pages. It is astounding indeed that this little cabinet costs you almost $25,000 to fill up and requires an annual maintenance of $2,000.

A greater workforce is also needed for handling all that paper-based documentation. This means you have to pay more people to perform avoidable tasks if you had a paperless office.

5. Less mistakes

Paper forms have many disadvantages in any work area, for both business owners and customers. Employees have to deal with incomplete or inaccurate data. Your clients have to deal with typos, hour long phone calls, incomplete forms because of a mistake an employee or third party made on behalf of your company. Clerical mistakes costs businesses billions of dollars a year.

We all know how hard it is to fix an error on a paper form. Your employees will have to pull records from their cabinet, and that’s a lot of time wasted to fix a mistake. If everything was digital, then your employee can spend 5 minutes to fix a mistake.

An advantage of a paperless office is guaranteed accuracy. It is one of the major advantages of a paperless management system. In a traditional management system  if one file goes into a wrong place or goes missing, it can take days to find it.

Sometimes it may take you weeks to find a document that has been misfiled. Luckily, with content management platforms you are able to search your forms through the content of the file. This means that even if you mess up e-filing, you will be able to search the content to pinpoint that exact paper.

Electronically saved forms always have backups, if you even delete them you usually have up to 30 days to recover them. Have you tried to recover a shredded document? I have and it cost a lot of money.  

Human errors can be minimized to a very high extent while using mobile forms. Digital forms reduce the chances of errors, giving you that extra edge of high accuracy over everything else. Increased accuracy saves time and money since you don’t have to put in extra effort or hours to rectify the errors made by your employees.

You need the least amount of time to collect maximum data via mobile forms. Now time is money guys, that is actually the first law in business- save as much time as you can. Conversion to e-forms ensures higher efficiency by speeding up your whole workflow, bringing you happy customers, high productivity, and increased efficiency.  

6. More security

Paper is vulnerable to environmental factors such as fire, floods, theft, etc. You can always scan important or confidential documents and limit their access digitally.

Managing so many different keys for file cabinets is painful when you don’t want certain employees having access to files. A paperless management system ensures a safe and secure storage of all your important documents.

Many companies and businesses are getting rid of paper altogether, they are going paperless. But what exactly does it mean to go paperless?

A paperless management system is easier to secure. With HIPAA and PCI compliance, you need to have a strict documented measure on how to secure data, customers confidentiality, and the ability to limit accessibility. Since these tasks are quite difficult to monitor in a paper-based management system, with all those customer documents, a paperless office is the only solution.

Apps like formrly.co provide high-grade security along with HIPAA and PCI compliant document management system. Formrly believes security comes first and guarantees that it will protect your business.

7. Happier employees

Transitioning from a traditional office to a paperless office requires converting your printed paper forms into digitized forms. Traditional management system means a whole lot of printing, large stacks of files, slow customer services which results in unhappy customers and employees.

In this age of fast growth and market force changes, if you can’t adapt fast enough then you risk going out of business. Most businesses with inefficient and expensive processes are being undercut and outperformed by businesses that are fully digital.

Paperless management system boosts up efficiency by streamlining the workflow of your office. With an easy access to all data, you can streamline tasks that require urgent attention, employees can submit files and e-forms within seconds from anywhere, you can review customer e-forms and remove errors in minutes. Providing a method for your employees to fix their mistakes fast and before they’re noticed will make them happier.

The hassle of filing can easily be avoices and will avoid traditional methods such as accessing and retrieving customer’s information from cabinets and spending hours to fix one error. Now employees can focus on more important tasks and actually promote personal growth within the company. This will only help the business grow bigger and better.

One of the biggest complaints from office workers is that their job is filled with work that they don’t think they should be doing. If someone went to college for four years, do they want to be spending 30% of their day filing? A paperless office will allow your employees true potential to shine.

8. Save time

The major advantage of using digital forms is that you get to save a lot of time. Manual data entry and data collection is time consuming. Reviewing and categorizing files is something that no person ever wants to do.

Unfortunately, going paperless will not get rid of this process, but it will save your employees hundreds of hours a year of labor. You can save money and streamline your process by becoming a paperless office.

Paper consumption has increased worldwide and so has its production. In the last two decades, paper consumption has increased to a whopping 208 million tons fro 92 million tons. That means that we use 128% percent more paper in our offices today than we (or our parents) did 20 years ago.

An average employee at your office uses around 10,000 sheets of paper every year for photocopying and printing. Out of these 10,000 sheets, he/she wastes 6,800 sheets due to different errors.

45% of this printed paper ends up in the trash. That’s a lot of wasted time and think about all the environmental pollution that’s caused. Paper consumption has adverse effects on your business’ finance as well.

Statistics reveal that American businesses spend around $120 billion annually on printed customer forms. Yes, paper forms eat up that much of your money and one of the largest factors to that cost is time. Most employees get paid by the hour, so for every hour spent filing and managing paper files your business loses money that can be reinvested into growth or better equipment.

It doesn’t end here, surveys reveal that filing of the forms cost you about $20 a month. Storage space for these forms, cost your business $1,500 a year, with the requirement of an additional employee to manage those documents, in addition of every 12 filing cabinets.

Misfiling of documents or lost documents are an everyday story at our offices. Think about all the hours lost searching for lost documents in your office. Every document that is misfiled costs your business about $125 per year.

What would happen if a natural disaster were to hit a corporation. Will their business be prepared if all their records are lost?

You can always experience working with digital forms and find out for yourself the wonders Formrly will do for your business. Sign up to formrly.co and you will have a whole month for free to go paperless.

How can you become a paperless office in 2018?

There are a number of companies and services  that can help you transition to a paperless office without much hassle. Companies like Formrly help you digitize your paper documents into a digitized form. Formrly gives you that personalized branding that every business owner craves. Combined with its uninterrupted data plan, your business will flow as smoothly as you’d like it to.

Try it right now  – it is free


Trees are being cut down at a tremendous speed to meet the daily paper requirements of offices and schools. In the last few decades, paper usage has increased by almost 400%. By keeping a more eco-friendly approach in office, you can play a vital role in saving the place that’s most important to you, your home.

A single tree can absorb one ton of Carbon Dioxide during its lifetime. That same tree is responsible for producing oxygen sufficient for two full grown human beings. These trees, which are cut down in a matter of seconds, take a hundred years to grow. By transitioning to a paperless office and making your workplace more eco-friendly, you can contribute to a better world for everyone.

To make a single ream of paper, 120 pounds of Carbon dioxide is emitted. Tonnes and tonnes of greenhouse gases are being emitted on daily basis to produce paper. With our planet rapidly changing, we need to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

A single sheet of paper drinks up 2 standard cups of water during its manufacture. With the steady depletion of usable water, we can help conserve water resources by going paperless.

A whole lot of bleaching agents and harmful chemicals go into manufacturing paper. These chemicals are then disposed off either into bodies of water or in our soil- both of which is harmful to the environment and to communities.

Businesses are always under so much pressure to increase productivity and achieve high ROI, especially companies with a lot of investors. You have to keep your partners or shareholders happy by showing them increased revenues. Revenues are increased with improved products and improved products need investments. Mobile forms are that improved product which needs very little investment with a guaranteed increase in revenue- your prayers have been answered.

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