4 Different Ways on how to Edit Scanned PDF

4 Different Ways on how to Edit Scanned PDF



Editing PDFs are inconsistent and often fail to execute in the manner that the user prefers; unfortunately, this is by design. If the creator of a PDF file does not want users to be able to edit the format of their work, the creator may “flatten” the PDF file with the usage of a PDF software tool. This will cause the PDF file to have no true internal structure and exist on a single layer. When the PDFs are flattened, computers have historically had the inability to consistently differentiate between different objects within the given file. Consequently, it is not very user friendly to simply plug and place anything new on the PDF file.

Flattening is also responsible for the inconsistency of converting pdfs into other, more editable file types, such as “.docx,” editing the file, and converting them back to PDF. Since flattening removes most of the means to differentiate between objects, when it is converted to another file type, it is done so as a single layer without any of the antecedently observed format. To combat this inconvenience, here are several methods that will ease your quality of life when you are dealing with PDFs.


  1. Edit PDF with Formrly

For an all encompassing service to fulfill all your PDF conversion needs, one can use formrly. If you want to tweak a PDF file, make it editable, convert a scanned file into an editable file, or add extra content to a PDF file, formrly is the place to go. For a small fee, you may simply submit your desired file with instruction and it will be returned to you with compliance within a timely manner. By using Formrly, there is an added layer of security and guarantee than using something like a virtual assistant that outsources their work to India. This company is American and can set you up as a permanent client of their service, therefore it is held up to a strict level of accountability. In this day and age, internet security has become a large issue.

Formrly will also store and secure your files for you, and they can deliver your files through the web or text to your clients or any other 3rd party user that may need to use/see your files. As a consequence, by using Formrly, you mitigate the risk in having your files stored online and permanently and readily available to you via the web. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection, and the servers that run formrly, are compliant to dealing with the physical, network, and process security measures set in place by HIPAA. Also, because this is an American company, you can depend and rely on the service upholding great scrutiny in the care and conduct of your companies files and information.

Most immediately, you will also be pushing your company to become more paperless. As files are progressively being stored by formrly, filing, finding, organizing, and delivering files are done simply and conveniently at the touch of a button. This will save you a lot of money on paper and ink, which is very good for the environment. In contrast, if you were to find a freelancing company to do this work for you, they may simply outsource the work to a tech company in India where little to nothing can be held accountable. In this list, Formrly is the only option that allows you to both convert your PDF into editable work and digitize all your company’s files. Overall, Formrly is a great, reliable, and convenient service to use in the conduct of your PDF files along with pushing your company to go paperless.


  1. Edit PDF with Adobe Reader

Step 1: First off, you want to find location of the file that you want to convert into a more editable format. You then need to right click the desired file and click “open with adobe reader” in the drop-down menu that appears. If this option is not available, it may be that your adobe reader is was not properly installed, thus you cannot properly use it, or it is simply not registered as a default application. If this is so, you would once again have to right click the desired file, but this time click “Open with…” A new window should now appear.

From here, simply select Adobe Reader; however, if the Adobe Reader icon does not automatically appear for you, you will have to manually find it yourself. At the bottom of this menu, under the “other options” subsection, click “more apps” and the window should further extend downwards revealing a slew of previously hidden applications. If Adobe Reader is still not on this list, you are going to have to scroll to the bottom and find & click “Look for another app on this PC.” From here you will need to find the exact location in which your Adobe Reader has been installed to. If Adobe Reader till cannot be found here, you will likely need to download or reinstall Adobe Reader.

Step 2: Once you have properly opened your file with Adobe Reader, click the selection tool and click anywhere on the page. If your file had previously been flattened, chances are the entire page should be highlighted blue. Do not worry about this, as a fully blue page simply indicates that your page is a single image, which is expected.


Step 3: Open the Text Recognition panel and click “In this File,” a small window should pop-up prompting you to choose the precise action you want to issue upon your file. Here, you click “Edit” in the Recognize Text dialog box. This will allow to directly make any desired changes on the given image you are working with.


Step 4: Find the button dispensing the conversion settings and click it. Another prompt should appear, and you should proceed to select the “ClearScan” option. Click OK after selection. You will now receive an indicator that shows the capture process. You now need to find and select “ClearScan” from the options presented amongst the PDF Output Style list. Here you will be prompted to confirm your selection several times, so click “OK” for however many times you are prompted to do so.


Step 5: It may be a necessity for you to a preferred language if the language you desire to make your edits is not set as your default language. Subsequently, you must select the language in which you would like to make your edits in from the drop-down list. From here, select a resolution for the converted images.


Step 6: Locate the Tools panel and open the Content Editing panel. Now, select “Edit Text & Images.” You can now insert your cursor in the text and begin typing onto your PDF. You have now successfully converted your scanned file into a format in which you can directly edit text onto your page/image.


  1. Hire a virtual assistant to Edit PDFs in bulk

Locations where to hire a virtual assistant





How does using a virtual assistant save you a lot of time and money?


Virtual assistants are very cheap and easy to use. It is also not particularly difficult to use them. You simply submit your files and a description of the task that you would want them to execute. The issue arises as you notice that it is not very difficult for you to be accepted as a freelancer on one of these sites. Many of these sites pay freelancers by the hour and the workers are obviously not going to stationed at the office you are working at.

As a result, you will likely be unable to make sure that they are off on facebook, reddit, twitter etc… while they are being paid to do work. Through principle, you may follow this path to its logical conclusion and you will find that they are effectively the same thing as finding someone on Craig’s list to do your work. This means that they were relatively cheap, and it is not very time consuming to utilize their services. However, this also means that they are far less reliable and business conduct with this type of service is much less secure than one may typically be comfortable with.

There is no guarantee that they will or will not sell your information to other people, but weighing the risks of whether or not one should roll the dice is up to the user. Overall, they can get the job done, but there is no guarantee for quality of work; since after all, this is more or less the same as looking for someone to do work for you on Craig’s list. The difference between using a virtual assistant and craig’s list is that you have little means to guarantee that you get the same freelancer every time. This means that the work you will receive will be widely inconsistent and varied.

Using this type of service will almost definitely be a one time deal which means that you cannot build rapport with the people who are executing the requested services. Furthermore, since the freelancer is a one time worker, they do not have a massive incentive to give you the most optimized product; you will also be required to explain the company’s background every time you decide to outsource. If you need a very short term solutions to a problem and quality of work is not a large variable/ the task has very hard to screw up (analogously speaking, like cooking rice), this is probably the ideal means to enact a task.



Overall, there are several approaches one can take to deal with the issue of PDF conversion for your enterprise. You can always have all your workers learn how to do it on their own for every single type of file type/format, but obviously that is very time consuming and potentially expensive. Moreover, there is a significant increase of difficulty when you begin to include mobile usage, edits and exchange of a given file.

Alternatively, you can hire a freelancer to do the work for you, and remove that particular burden from your workforce; however, it may be wildly unreliable, and potentially more expensive than it has to be. The foremost option for an exceptionally encompassing service, is to use a service such as the one provided by formrly.co. It will relieve your employees of the need to learn and execute all the methods of having to convert any file from any given uneditable file-type into an editable form of any desired file-type.

It also has the added bonus of transforming your business into a paperless office. Their work is cheap, consistent, and of a quality that guarantees satisfaction. The service allows you to fill your reports from your phone and allows your clients to do everything from mobile. Furthermore, it allows your company to streamline things like application processes. Formrly allows you to seamlessly transfer information to and from clients and prospective business opportunities.

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